Wanderlust | Koh Lanta, Thailand

As usual… lack of planning… and we were about to be stuck in China for a whole week of the National HOlidays.  T absolutely refused to stay in China and be bored so he booked us tickets to Thailand!!! We hesitated a lot, because neither of us are really BEACH people – but we’re in Asia! We have to give it a shot right?

Well, after this trip, I can safely say I am REALLY not a beach person. Perhaps also our resort was very isolated. But I did really enjoy the day trips we did into the wild open waters and in the little islands, where the water was so SO beautifully blue. Reminded me of the exact same waters in Coral Island on our mini honey moon in Phuket.

Don’t get me wrong – our resort was BEAUTIFUL, but it was in a part where the water was VERY rough, too rough to even swim. The waters need to be very very calm to be super clear.

krabi thailandPINIMAGEwe started with a visit to this town called Krabi.
Supposed to be a famous town but i have no idea why.
I thought the waters were not very clean and the town soo…touristy.

thailand koh lantaPINIMAGE
And this was the entrance to the beach at our resort!!!  Super clean but rough waters.
Everywhere, they welcomed you with a drink with purple flowers…
I have no idea what flower was used… looks like orchid – but the drink was aboslutely DELICIOUS.

our private beach

Sunset view from our private beach.  The Good Life.

My dearest husband.
If it were not for you, I would never push myself to spend on travel, no matter how much I want to.
To visit these places, and see such nature and a sunset so stunning.



the breakfast view!

We took a 1 day trip to the outlying islands.  It was so worth it.
You get on a motor boat, and it takes you island hopping.
But you get to pass beautiful wild greenery and waters.


Now the trick is to find a hotel with THIS water!!!!  Calm and super blue!



The trip included a buffet lunch – it was so local and so darn delicious!!!!
A red curry, sauteed vegetables with a kind of bitter gai lan, super delicious fried chicken wings!
And of course lots of fruits!


The Good Life.
With food like THIS and a view like THIS!!!
This was my favourite moment in the entire trip.  Besides the sunsets.
That potato was sooooo goood, and the chicken wings!!! it tasted so HOME MADE!!!  and so HAKKA!
ALMOST like a chillie chicken but slightly different.  I want to make food like THIS .  HOW??!

Post card


Chasing the sunset.  We visited a restaurant nearby just cos it would be “closer” to the sun.


Food always reminds me of “home” / “childood”
Like Daab Pani (coconut water) and fresh lime juice.


on the left ….those our the hotel rooms!!! each hotel room is one little villa!!!
Wow I can’t believe I stayed in a place like this!!!! SO super duper fancy!


On the left – a common vehicle, use of 1 motor bike to make a “car”, quite clever don’t you think?
This was our hotel room on the right.  This is the view from our bed!  SO LUXURIOUS.



We rented a motor bike and drove a full half hour through a beautiful hilly road to visit a national park  and this light house.
Hmm… no pics of the beautiful road, all on some videos.


The shortest elephant ride was about 40 mins.
After 5 mins on the elephant I felt so bad  the elephant didn’t seem happy and I felt he was being tortured.
So we immediately cut the ride short, and spent the remaining time feeding them insteads.
I love elephants.  


T took this picture.  Its super over exposed and could be thrown.
But I really love the effect.
it is how I see my self and my life, and our life together sometimes.
Everything seems blurry… white… Ikn don’t ow whats in store.
I hate not knowing whats in store…the insecurity.
And just like in this pic…its like u don’t really see it… but then it comes into focus sometimes.


I can’t say I will go to a fancy resort again on our own.  Maybe when we have kids cos I want THEM to enjoy the beach.
Of if we go with friends who actually love the beach.
But I would recommend the Phi Phi islands next if to  Thailand.


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