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Skip was looking for a Shanghai photographer when he found me.  This family photography session was a simple and fun one.  WE met up on a cloudy day at their home in Pu Dong. They have the prettiest home I’ve seen  in Shanghai.  There were two floors, and lots of space for little Shi Hong to run around, and a beautiful garden with even a laundry “greenhouse” in the garden!


This was a kind of extended family session.  There was Skip’s family or 3, his parents, Cathy’s parents, and Skips sister and her family.  Everyone was so cooperative and harmonious.  Skip lives his life to set an example for his little son Shi Hong.  While talking, we asked him if he’s a big fan of football. He said he is doesn’t watch a lot of games because he does not want Shi Hong to watch too much television either.

This family is a beautiful example of harmonious living and caring for each other.  Both Skip and Cathy work, and sometimes long hours.  Little Shi Hong is care for by his grandparents – all FOUR of his grandparents!   Yes, both the parents of Skip and Cathy live under the same roof with Skip, Cathy and Shi Hong!  When he first told me this, even I was surprised, and this is very rare even in Asia!

But when I was at their home – you would have thought these 4 seniors were all brothers and sisters!  They were SO harmonious , it was such a joy to watch them go about their day.  Skip told me that their parents had sacrificed so much and even till today, helping them to care for their child so they could go to work.  They all lived under the same roof.  And he hopes this sets an example to care for your own parents in their old age, and that some day, little Shi Hong will also care for them when they are too old to work.  It was inspiring how they intentionally chose to live their life so to be an example for their child.

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