Shanghai Hong Kong Wedding Photographer | Sascha & Ivar

The loveshoot of Sascha and Ivar at the French Chateau took place just as the sun went down.  Sascha chose to wear a stunning backless black gown and Ivar looked sharp in a gray suit.  He is a pilot, and she was a stewardess.  Can you guess how they met? ;)  Their love is tender, gentle, deep.  And he makes her laugh – really laugh!   It was an honour and pleasure to capture your love.

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The next series of photos are my favourites… I have no idea what they were laughing about but look at Ivar bursting with belly laughter as Sascha looks on so lovingly!

Shanghai Hong Kong Wedding Photographer_lilychen - 25PINIMAGEbrussels photo de mariagePINIMAGEhuwelijksfotograaf ybelgiePINIMAGE

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The Awesome Creative Team

Hair & makeup: Marianne Roza for The Beautiful Bride Company,  instagram @beautifulbridecompany
Black Gown: Unielle Couture, instagram @unielle_couture
Headpiece: SIBO Designs, instagram @sibodesigns
Jewelry: DRKS, instagram @drksonline
Stationery: Leintjes Exclusief, instagram @leintjesexclusief
Styling: RedWhiteBluePink, instagram @redwhitebluepink
Flowers: DON FLORITO, instagram @giada_donflorito_amsterdam


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