Baby Karson | Shanghai Family Photographer


Jess first contacted me when she was looking for a Shanghai family photographer to document baby Karson’s 100 days party.  I had photographed the 100 days birthday party for Baby karson a few months earlier – it was one SUPER DUPER cute 100 days birthday party i’ll say!!!  And then out of the blue she messaged me asking if i was available the NEXT afternoon for a shoot.  I love how last minute plans fall into place.  This is one of my favourite sessions ever.  It was just completely relaxed, no fuss, no planning!  The next afternoon, we met up at the Former French Concession area at Wu Kang Lu, right outside the French Creperie where the 100 days party was held!

All we did was just walk down the French Concesssion street lined with trees on both sides.  We even stumbled upon a little museum with a quiet garden …totally random and no fuss at all!!!  Baby Karson was not used to being away from home so we did our best to try to make him laugh.

I find it very difficult to select pictures for session with children especially.  Each smile and frown and cry is ever so slightly different and yet so cute!!  You can literally see Jess & Chris BEAMING with pride.  They are both also so inspriring.  About 5 years ago, they left their fancy corporate jobs in finance in New York and moved to Shanghai – for an adventure.  With no plans!   Today, Jess has her own office interior design company and Chris has a startup selling lifestyle and fashion.

Anyways, on to the pictures!!!  First a few from the adorable 100 days party


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