Austria to Italia via Grosslockner

140820 - Drive - 45

This day started out with the best breakfast the entire trip.  Don’t get me wrong – almost every place we stayed included breakfast (and almost all the time we got up in time to catch this bfast that we paid for).  But I was quite sick and tired of eating ham, bread, cheese, ham, bread, cheese.   I know, I’m so spoilt!!  But on this day – we went to the supermarket in the town, and I ordered the only thing that did NOT look dry – and it was SO GOOD!!!!  It was like this case, with kind of sponge cake on the inside, but sorta baked crusty on the top, and with real fresh cherries.  YUMMM.  LOVED it. 

140820 - Drive - 1
morning breakfast at the supermarket – very yummy cherry chocolate sponge cake

140820 - Drive - 3
love visiting supermarkets eveyrwhere, seeing what the locals have to offer.

140820 - Drive - 6

This day was supposed to be hanging out in the mountains, but as weather predictions was rain all day, we decided to travel through the time instead.  Ahh…. the views through the entire ride was just an absolute JOY.  I was worried that we had too much hours spent driving and that we’d be bored – but no, as a passenger – the drive was breathtaking and relaxing and simply beautiful.  Tom planned out a route to cross to Italy via one of the most scenic routes in Europe – the Grosslockner, round and around and through the mountain to the other side of Austria before reaching Italy.  This road was so special – it required a special TOLL fee.  Can you imagine, the government investing in a road simply for its scenic beauty!!!

140820 - Drive - 7
this is at the bottom, just before entering the toll. 
140820 - Drive - 12
and mountain cows EVERYWHERE.  like postcards.

140820 - Drive - 16
look at the cows. they were so well fed.  and CLEAN.  and happy.
happily grazing, and so free!!! in the nature!

the cows were SO peaceful.  you could go right near it and it would just keep grazing.
and each cow actually had a BELL.
and every cow was so CLEAN!!!  the field did not even stink of COW DUNG!  AMAZING!!
Does it not look like the cover of a MILKA chocolate wrapping?
they even built stairway upto the cow areas for tourists to visit the cows!

140820 - Drive - 22
what animal is this!??!!? llama?

unfortunately, it was a VERY foggy day.  so NO view.
but quite an experience in itself.
I can’t imagine – on a clear day – you would see right through and the cars would drive WAY faster,
(there were cars already driving much too fast for foggy area!)
And when you look out the window – its STRAIGHT DOWNHILL.  COMPLETELY 90 degrees STEEP.
so with the fog – it was a LOT less scary actually!!!

140820 - Drive - 27
they even had picnic tables at boulder areas
and just off that boulder was a 90 DEGREE DROP!!!!!  DANGEROUS!!!!!

140820 - Drive - 29
see the highway all the way there?? it went round and round the mountains.
you had to be VERY careful driving.

140820 - Drive - 33
even a couple of inns and restaurants in this deserted route!
can’t imagine they have to bring electricity up here!

140820 - Drive - 34
amazing views. reminded me a LOT of The Land Before Time.
NOT the Great Valley – but all the marshes they had to go through to get the to Great Valley

140820 - Drive - 35
140820 - Drive - 36140820 - Drive - 41
and there were so many BIKERS!!!
140820 - Drive - 44
2500 metres above sea level!

SO, the backgroudn story: in 2011 Twith his high school friends did a biking trip around EUrope.  and they biked the ENTIRE MOUNTAIN in that trip.  Tom was so nostalgic: the conversation went like this at every turn: Oh Oh, that is where Blondie had to push me up cos I still had not reached the top, Oh I remember this turning point, Oh thatswhere we took a bite!  and so on…..
It was scary and long enough (about 1.5 hours through the fog and circling around the mountain to get to the other side and wind down again.  Can you imagine BIKING the entire thing?!?!??!  Amazing job baby!  So cool and proud of youSmile  (although to me it is still weird, why would people wanna bike up an entire mountain?!)

At the 2500 metres point – we had a picnic in the car
(it was FREEZING outside)

140820 - Drive - 45
and finally over to the other side and on the way down.
140820 - Drive - 60
do you see those houses behind the trees?
they are all in one line – so that each one can have a view!

140820 - Drive - 48
and Finally we exited the mountain and the most beautiful valley greeted us.
just like THe Great Valley in the Land Before Time!!!!

140820 - Drive - 53
this beautiful town!!!!  opposite this is the same hilly region, and in between is a modern town!!!
picture is taken from the modern town its very close, u basically live in the same town
but you can live on the hills – and it would take you like half hour to drive to town
which you can see even

See how EVERY home has a view!!!
the homes are never clustered to make a village – they are all SPREAD OUT.
Amazing, I can’t imagine how the electricity, sewage, water, all has to get there to every home!

140820 - Drive - 52
140820 - Drive - 56
and suddenly from nowhere there was this ride! not a theme park – just a ride!

140820 - Drive - 62
this is now my desktop picture.  it just makes me calm and happy.

140820 - Drive - 63
the last of Austria.  Then we had to go up another mini mountain with multiple turns.
Each turn was super sharp, two cars could not pass you’d have to take turn
And at every turn – they even had a sign on which Turn Number you’re at as a guide.
And then you drove into another Great Valley – it was STUNNING:

140820 - Drive - 72
Auronzo.  This was breathtaking.  A little gem as you came down the mountains.
140820 - Drive - 75
Another hour later, we reached our “aguritismo”.
A local who had a big house now used as bed and breakfast.
The home was so quaint, our room was decorated with fresh flowers, a basket of fruits, and 2 antique chairs

140820 - Drive - 77

and as we were starving – we went to the first neighbourhood restaurant – it was BAD!

140820 - Drive - 78140820 - Drive - 76
only the mushrooms were good. 
ending with a pic of us.
with you, I’ll go anywhere.

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