Wanderlust in Beijing: Summer Palace & Temple of Heaven

Beijing: The Summer Palace

The last day in Beijing.  We were up early and at the Summer Palace entrance at the dot at 8 (or 8.30).   The sky was a beautiful blue, the sun was shining… i couldn’t believe this was Beijing weather!  The Summer Palace was everything you would imagine a summer palace to be.  It had beautiful romantic bridges, endless avenues of arched willow trees, a huge lake, and stunning architectural details and monuments sitting atop a hill overlooking the lake.


For both places, i strongly recommend to eat before you go because its quite huge and takes a while to walk and there is not much decent to eat once your on the inside.

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I remember trying to get a shot of this beautiful building.  Finally an old gentleman beckoned me to his seat… he was sitting at this corner.  And he said: take the picture from here.  And then i got this shot.  Turned out he was a retired photographer who used to shoot for a space / astronomy publication!!!


After the summer palace, we went to visit the Temple of Heaven.  This place was HUGE.  V.A.S.T.  It was surrounded by acres and acres of beautifully lined trees.




The echo wall!!! You could stand on one end, and whisper something to someone on the other end! It was amazing!

PINIMAGEbeijing temple of heavenPINIMAGE

Mankind has forever been fascinated with heaven.  It is truly amazing how and what different cultures imagine heaven to be.

heavenly templePINIMAGEtemple of heavenPINIMAGE

With this visit, our trip came to an end, and we took the flight home.   Needless to say, i feel so lucky to have caught beijing in beautiful blue skies, sun, and breezy weather.  And so very blessed to have had the chance to visit all these stunning places.  I need to read a lot more now on Chinese ancient history.


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