Shanghai Prewedding | Aisuluu & Urustom

Aisuluu & Urustom are the dream couple.  Not only did they get up at 6 am in the morning to beat the crowds for a prewedding shoot at the Shanghai bund, they were also 2 people that were SIMPLY KIND-HEARTED.  Their love is so sweet and quiet and strong, you can just feel it.  And they laugh – a LOT .  I feel indeed very lucky to have had the honour to meet and photograph them.  Aisuluu is also a florist and makes beautiful floral arrangements (instagram: aisuluu_napasova).  Urustom is also an entrepreneur and will be opening artisanal ice-cream with dairy from Kyrgyzstan in Shanghai!  Can’t wait to try them myself!  They are both from Kyrgyzstan but met in Shanghai (how amazing is this life?) – and to my embarrassment and ignorance, I did not even know this country!  I learnt a little bit about this land from them, and they will actually be getting married this week in their home country.  This is part 1 of their shoot at the Shanghai bund.  We had the entire bund to ourselves, which was really lovely!  I wish you both a beautiful wedding all the happiness in the world!

I will copy here an extract of Aisuluu’s email after she received the entire gallery of images, it means the world to me!

EXTRACT from Aisuluu’s email

“We have seen all photos you took for us. Somewhere we felt melted, somewhere laughed for funny pictures, somewhere took a note which pose is best for us to take pictures. we noticed that we laugh a lot which we think actually good:))
We want to thank you and your husband Tom for all the effort, we like the pictures a lot. They showed us who we are and our feelings for each other. Soooo happy to find you:))”

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