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Love at first sight

Do you believe in magic?  Do you believe in love at first sight?  It was love at first sight…for him.  Jason vividly remembers the day he saw her.  In the supermarket at the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus.  He was browsing the drinks by the refrigerated area, when he spied..from the corner of his eyes (literally!)… a tall, fair and beautiful lady passing by.  His eyes followed her as she walked over to the cashier.

Jason remembers it so well, we tried to re-enact this in their engagement shoot here!  That very day, he went back to the dorm and asked his senior peers for the tall girl in their class.  “How did you know she was a year senior?”, I had asked Jason and he answered without missing a beat, “I knew all the girls in my class and on my side of the dorm!  So this girl and to be from the other side of the dorm (adjoining the supermarket), which is occupied by senior students!”

And indeed,  all his friends knew at once who he was talking about!!  Again I asked: but there are SO many girls in a batch!!  How would your friends know it is her you are talking about??!  (yes, i’ve been told i ask too many questions!).  And again, he replied promptly: thats how pretty she is!!!! Everyone knew exactly who i was talking about cos there aren’t that many girls that TALL!  He then tried to friend her on social media sites… and she rejected him.  It wasn’t until they were at a university party when she recognised him as the weirdo who has been trying to add her on social media sites.  He immediately got her number and without wasting a time asked her to movie (Harry Potter!).  The rest… as they say… is history.


The Ruijin Intercontinental was the perfect Shanghai wedding venue for this intimate affair.  It is actually really hidden – and you would never guess this huge hotel is right there amidst the busy traffic just outside!  If you are in Shanghai, it is worth just visiting this hotel grounds – it is so beautiful and quiet.  The greens are beautifully maintained, and they have at least 2 hotels – one “modern” one, and one in the old architectural building.  The hotel has many options locations to choose for wedding ceremony and banquet including one grand ball room.  Emma & Jason chose the Chinese restaurant – overlooking the garden.  It was perfect for this intimate wedding.  Most Chinese weddings in Shanghai are held in huge ball rooms, with a very formal atmosphere.  Having it in this small restaurant was soo cosy!  All the parents friends and older relatives also got their own private room – and it was perfect as they were completely at ease and you could hear their laughter echoing into the stairs!  They stayed until midnight!!  (might sound a little early for western weddings – but in Shanghai most weddings are done by 9pm, so they stayed VERY late !).


The ceremony was intimate, and so personal.  There was NO MC, NO Officiant.  Just a handful of friends sharing some stories, and the two of them saying their vows to each other.  Oh how i love intimate weddings!  There was a lot of giggles, laughter, and a few tears.  At one moment, a video played, and Emma was looking at the video, and could no longer hold it in….Jason was on the other side of the screen, he swiftly ran across and held her hands, laughing boyishly, trying to make her laugh!  You can tell how a couple is on the wedding day simply by the friends around them!  All their friends were sooo lovely, open, and easy-going. And they seated us at a table with some of their friends!!!!  It was such an honour, especially in Asia!

We left at around midnight – but Emma & Jason were still there together with their parents and their closest friends, just outside the restaurant, still chatting and laughing.  It was one of the days even the guests did not want to leave.  It was pure honour and joy for us to document this day.


Photography: Lily Chen Photography

Planner & Decor: Romantique WeChat: romantiquewexin

Wedding Venue:Intercontinental Ruijin Hotel (French Concession)

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Dress: WeChat: Judysaboutwedding or contact no: +86  21 54251673

Invitation Suite: MarrySo (TaoBao)

Wedding Planner & Decor: WeChat romantiquewexin


groom suitPINIMAGE

ah, I just love it when grooms aren’t afraid to wear their personality!
Jason chose to wear a bold cobalt blue suit, wine red tie, and leather shoes that remind me of Europe!

wedding invitationPINIMAGE

How cute is this wedding invitation suite!?

wedding guestbookPINIMAGEI just love how much thought these two put into the day – every little detail were carefully chosen.
Instead of a guest book or a scroll, Emma found this cute cartoon drawing (yep on tao bao!)
Guests can then colour themselves and write a msg next to themselves!
And then you can hang the entire thing like a piece of art in your living room!

wedding invitationPINIMAGEwedding shoesPINIMAGE

I almost wanted to steal these shoes!!!  This girl’s style… oh dear love LOVE these shoes!

wedding portraitsPINIMAGEshanghai bridePINIMAGEshanghai wedding plannerPINIMAGEintercontinental hotel shanghaiPINIMAGEshanghai weddingPINIMAGEshanghai wedding plannerPINIMAGEshanghai wedding ceremonyPINIMAGE

It was a small intimate ceremony with just a handful of the closest friends.

shanghai wedding photography blogPINIMAGEshanghai wedding portraitsPINIMAGEshanghai intercontinental ruijin hotelPINIMAGEshanghai wedding photographerPINIMAGEchina wedding photographerPINIMAGEchina weddingPINIMAGEwedding bookPINIMAGEshanghai wedding decorPINIMAGEshanghai hotel wedding PINIMAGEshanghai wedding ceremonyPINIMAGEshanghai wedding storyPINIMAGEshanghai wedding ceremonyPINIMAGEshanghai wedding photographyPINIMAGEshanghai wedding photographyPINIMAGEshanghai wedding couplePINIMAGEshanghai wedding banquetPINIMAGEshanghai hotel weddingPINIMAGEshanghai intercontinental hotelPINIMAGEshanghai wedding banquetPINIMAGEshanghai hotel weddingPINIMAGEshanghainese foodPINIMAGEThe food in a Shanghainese wedding is ROYAL.  There are about 10 cold dishes (appetisers), each one actually quite filling, and then another 10 HOT dishes… from lobster, steamed fish, abalone, scallop, chicken, meat, vegetables…they have it all covered!
shanghai wedding couplePINIMAGEshanghai wedding photographerPINIMAGEshanghai photographerPINIMAGEshanghai weddingPINIMAGE



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