Intimate Shanghai Wedding | Svetlana & Andrey

Intimate Shanghai Wedding

Svetlana and Andrey are Russians  living in Shanghai.  They met about 3 years ago…her best friend was his flatmate.  He was living in Moscow at the time and when he went to his hometown for the holidays, he met up with his flatmate, and of course, there was Svetlana.  He went back to Moscow, and it took a few more trips before he finally asked her out.  She was preparing to move to Shanghai at the time… and just like that… he followed her!!!  Svetlana is now also founder of an online language school

It was truly and honour to be a part of this so very intimate ceremony.  They chose to have a small Shanghai wedding at the city hall before the big party in Russia.  I met them for the first time on the day, and they are just down-to-earth kind people, so gentle and calm.  And i just absolutely loooooved their outfits!!! Have to say, I’ve never seen a pink waistcoat before, and i would not have thought it would look this chic!  Her soft pink lace dress coordinated perfectly with his gray and pink suit.  We met up at the Russian consulate, a short and simple civil ceremony.  Afterwards, we took a drink at the beautiful Astor House just opposite, and a walk to the famous Shanghai Bund.  It was a beautiful Friday, and there were sooo many tourists all taking photos of us as we took portraits!  It was actually funny!

Thank you so much for trusting me and sharing this special moment with me.  I hope you love these images as much as I do!

Beautiful makeup by Natalia Chekati.

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Is this not THE prettiest ceiling!!??

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