Shanghai Prewedding | Aisuluu & Urustom

Aisuluu & Urustom had an amazing Shanghai  prewedding shoot before their wedding in Krygyzstan.  This is part 2 of our shoot.  We also did an engagement portrait session at the Shanghai bund with the famous Shanghai skyline.  We had met on one very early Sunday morning at the Bund.  You can see their session at the Shanghai bund here.


We met up on a summer afternoon. The park was quite empty and it was lovely to have it all to ourselves.  Aisuluu & Urustom are such a cute couple.  They are really kind and sweet people, and quiet and gentle.  They are the kind of people who like to serve and help the people around them.  Aisuluu is also a florist, and she makes really pretty arrangements and delivers them to your door.  You can find her here. They are both from Krygyzstan but met in Shanghai.  I find it amazing, how life brings two people together so perfectly.  They met through mutual friends in the They got married in August in their homeland in a big wedding with all their family and friends.

After an engagement shoot with the city skyline, Aisuluu & Urustom loved their images so much, they booked me for a second pre-wedding shoot, but this time with a more nature background. The good thing about being inside a paid park is that it was relatively empty and we had almost the entire park to ourselves!  We had a lovely afternoon together, and afterwards they insisted to have dinner and treated me to delicious Xin Jiang (Muslim Chinese) food at Yeshari, also one of my favourite restaurant here in Shanghai.  I feel lucky to have captured their love and I hope I get a chance to capture them again because it was so fun.  I wish you all the happiness in the world, because you deserve it.

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