Shanghai Prewedding Photography | Christine & Ian


Christine & Ian are both from California, now living in Shanghai.  They will be getting married later this year in California but wanted to have prewedding photography in the city they currently call home.  They met when mutual friends tagged them both along as wingman for their date!  Neither wanted to be there, and so,  they met and said good bye!   But they had a lot of mutual friends, and so it happened that they would meet again… and she asked him out!  :)   Since she asked HIM out, he made it his goal to ask her to marry her – and he did this in the most FUN way!!!   Oh dear…. he organised for her to have brunch with her girlfriends one saturday morning!    The plan was that she would come home after brunch and follow a scavenger hunt!!  Well, she decided she wanted to hang out with the girlfriends and was thinking: you girls all got things to do? like what?? lets do something together….   So he had to then let her mom in, and got his mom to call her that she was “locked out” of the house and needed her to come home ASAP to let her in!!!   Now thats annoying when your brunching with GFs right ? ;)

So she came home, opened the door for her mom… and then heard a phone ringing with the soundtrack of …. Game of Thrones!   She searched all over her home for this non-stop ringing, and when she founded it… it said “Third Eye Raven” was calling!!!!  Of course, on the other end, was Ian’s friend, who gave her the FIRST CLUE to the scavenger hunt… And this way.. .she went to about 6 different places all over the city following clues at each location to the next one!  And EACH location – was a location that meant something to both of them.  Then it was the final location – the bar where they FIRST met!  This time, he was there down on one knee to propose!!!! Of course, all the friends then gathered at the final destination for photos and food!  But i mean – what an UNFORGETTABLE proposal right!?!?!?   (and what AMAZING friends!!!!)


We met on a lovely spring day at the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel.  And i just LOVE this girl’s style!!! Lace top with flowy bold skirt!  I don’t own a green skirt, but now i need one!   AND that lace top!!!  And for the second half, she changed over to a super cute black frilly girly top.   Of course, he was looking also dapper in a tween gray coat.

Theirs is a gentle quiet love.  They spend a lot of time trying new restaurants, searching for the best coffee and exploring the city. Within this short time, i could feel their easy-going nature, so chill you can’t help but be relaxed and chill yourself too!

Thank you so much for trusting me and a great time!   Wishing you a beautiful wedding in sunny California in the summer!


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