Shanghai Prewedding Photographer | Emma & Jason

Couldn’t be more excited when Emma & Jason asked me to be their Shanghai prewedding and wedding photographer.  We met at a cafe, and ended up talking for 2 hours. It turns out we also live 5 minutes from each other!

Love at first sight

They went to the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus.  She was a year senior.  He was in the Campus supermarket, browsing the drinks section, when he sensed someone walk by behind him.  He turned his head…and it was love at first sight.  Like in the story books.  A tall, beautiful girl walking to the counter.  He knew she must be from a senior year, so that night, he went back to his dormitory, and asked his senior friends about a very tall beautiful girl.  Emma is obviously a stunner, because they immediately knew who he was talking about and gave him her social media link.  He requested her to add him… and he was rejected.  It wasn’t a few weeks later, at a university party, when they met among mutual friends – and she realised – oh, this is that weird stranger who tried to add me!  Without hesitation, he got her number, and asked her out to their first date – a Harry Potter movie.   Talk about magic in life.  :)

Shanghai Prewedding

We went to the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus for their prewedding shoot and took a tour of their favourite spots.  Routes that they walked with each other to and from class and dorm, and hallways that they met up in between classes.  It was soo cute.  The University of Nottingham Ningbo campus is also beautiful!  So full of green grass and so spacious!

They had a big Chinese wedding in FuJian, Jason’s hometown, with Chinese ceremony and family and friends in Fujian earlier this October.  Emma & Jason have planned for a small intimate Shanghai wedding with a personalised wedding ceremony, with their closest friends and family.  They skipped the typical grand wedding ballrooms in Shanghai hotels, and instead chose a very intimate and cosy restaurant for their wedding banquet at the Intercontinental Shanghai Ruijin Hotel hidden in the Shanghai French Concession.

It was a beautiful Ningbo prewedding for Emma & Jason. We had a simply amazing time with Emma & Jason.  They are down to earth, simple and KIND people. They were so considerate, caring, genuine.  Emma is shy to speak English, but in fact her English is very good!  She is soft spoken, and ever so gentle, and elegant.  Really. And Jason… this guy is FUNNYYYYYY!  And he is always making Emma smile or laugh!!   Together, they love to just be silly and laugh! I also got to practise my Chinese!

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Are you looking for a prewedding and wedding photographer for your Shanghai or Ningbo wedding?  I would love to capture your wedding, in Shanghai, or Ningbo, of whoever your destination in China! Please add me on we chat: lilychenphotographer or send me an email: so we can start chatting! :)


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