Shanghai Prewedding Photographer | Amiee & Rohan


Aimee currently lives in Hong Kong, and Rohan in London.  They have been travelling back and forth and often Shanghai is their meeting point, where Amiee’s family live.  The Shanghai Bund was the perfect backdrop for this intimate Shanghai prewedding session.  I was nervous at first.  Amiee had told me Rohan is not very into being in front of the camera.  But there is something about being in the wide open space at the Shanghai Bund… When you look out at this beautiful skyline, on a beautiful bright day with cool breeze that just relaxes you.  It was just the two of them, with a few passing tourists, enjoying the soft breeze, the stunning skyline – and each other.


This is actually a post-wedding photography session!  Aimee & Rohan both don’t live in Shanghai.  They both arrived in Shanghai days prior to the wedding.  I had suggested a post-wedding session but with family and friends in town, we were not sure if time would allow this after the wedding.

And then, 1 day after the wedding Amiee messaged me if it was possible to do a prewedding session the very next day.  It was very last-minute and we were on a time crunch.  The weather looked foggy that morning, and we weren’t even sure if it was going to clear up, but we decided to just go for it!  We met at Waldorf Astoria Hotel  and then walked by the Shanghai Bund.  We must have spent just about one hour together.

Aimee got to wear this beautiful red wedding gown again!  I just love it when couples dress up and go all out!  And you could just see and feel how much she was literally enjoying wearing this dress!  And i just love the bold and passionate red against the Shanghai Skyline with the Pearl Tower in the background.

I hope these images will remind you of your time together in Shanghai and of the long distance that you overcame through your courtship.  It was truly and honour and pleasure to photograph this session.


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