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Amy first contacted me for a couples photography session.  She was in Shanghai for about 4 years and had moved back to California…but not before she met the love of her life!!!  Rob is from the UK and met Amy via common friends in his first few months in Shanghai!  How lucky is that???   They first met at a group activity for the “Escape” game (i still want to try this!!).     Rob with his brother and for some reason, people though they were PARTNERS!!!  Luckily, Rob was brave enough to get her number and the rest is history… :)  Isn’t life amazing… Amy has already been here a FEW years.. .and Rob only a few MONTHS.  it was Amy’s last year in Shanghai… and somehow… the stars aligned and brought these two together.

Amy was looking for a photography session just to have some memories of Shanghai around their favourite places.  We chose to start out at the iconic Shanghai bund.  It was cold but they braved it!!  From there we moved to the French Concession and visited Amy’s grandfather’s home!  How cool is that!?   It is now donated to an organization that helps under privileged children.  It was in the heart of French Concession!

The Surprise Proposal

Right after we visited the home, we were in the old lanes.  Suddenly Rob said: Can we take a few pictures here??  Sure why not….and suddenly HE WAS ON HIS KNEES!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I wanted to SQUEEAAAALLLLLL.  HE had a WHOLE speech prepared,  it was so darn sweet and it took me all my courage to NOT squeal and keep CLICKING!  It was my first time to witness a proposal and it was such an honour!

And AMY??? She was open-mouthed SPEECHLESS.  Like literally her whole body was FROZEN as she just stared at him trying to take it all in!  Aaaah…. this will go down as best shoot ever.. how do you top a surprise proposal right??

And to top it all… Rob is SO sweet.  He got her a pair of “infinity” earrings from Tiffany’s!!  He had put so much thought into it – he especially chose earrings because he wanted  her to be able to choose a wedding ring together but still wanted to giver her something to remember this moment and day!   And i love the symbol of infinity infinity! :)

It was truly an honour and JOY to capture such sacred moments.  Hanging out with them just a couple of hours, and you just feel their love is so beautiful and sweet and calm.  They love travelling and eating (lots of eating!)  and hanging out and being SILLY together :)  Rob has a posh british accent, and when you ask him a question, he really gives you an open and candid response.  I love it when people really TALK, not just reply with small polite courtesies.  And this girl Amy is just really sweet, really.  Gentle, kind and so open.   I asked her for her fav food places in Shanghai, and she emailed me a whole LIST – even categorised into the type of food!!!  We are not trying to go down that list! :)  Thank you so much Amy!

I feel grateful and lucky that photography has brought me to meet such people and witness such love.  It inspires me, on approach to life, relationship goals, and bettering my self as a person.


Off to the pictures now…. can you see how he just makes her giggle! ? :)
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