Shanghai Portrait Photographer | Rebecca

Shanghai Portrait Photographer

Rebecca was looking for a Shanghai portrait photographer.  This was actually one of my first few shoots in Shanghai!!!  It has been sitting on my hard disk.  It was in the HEIGHT of summer, but on a VERY dark and rainy day.  Rebecca wanted some portraits by the Shanghai bund.  We met up at the Waldorf Astoria for a drink first, and then went out to the Bund.  The heavy gray clouds were looming over us.

Rebecca is a MOVIE producer.  I’ve never met a movie producer before!  And she just produced a new movie with Gong Li – yes the Gong Li in California.  This girl is so young, ambitious, energetic, beautiful and going places!  She has her own movie financing company with a partner!    We had so much fun just being girly and enjoying the breeze before the storm.  Literally before the storm because as we wrapped up – it started to POUR cats and dogs!

Here are a few favourites from the session.shanghai waldorf astoria hotelPINIMAGEshanghai wedding photographerPINIMAGEshanghai family photographerPINIMAGEchina wedding photographerPINIMAGEchina preweddingPINIMAGEshanghai prewedding photographerPINIMAGEshanghai touristPINIMAGE

shanghai bundPINIMAGE

shanghai wedding photographerPINIMAGEshanghai photographerPINIMAGEshanghai portrait photographerPINIMAGE






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