Wanderlust: Shanghai Longhua Temple

We’re starting a new series on the blog for the wanderlust hearts!  All my travel images are sitting in my hard disk and so now I’ve decided to share them more here.  I’ll try to share whatever info I have of when we visited but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email!  In this post, i’ll be sharing some images for our visit to the Shanghai Longhua Temple.

A visit to the famous Shanghai Longhua Temple

Earlier this year, we visited the Long Hua temple at Long Hua Metro Station in Shanghai.  It was Mister’s idea…”to explore our new city”.  Turns out, it is actually less then 30 minutes by subway from the city centre (Jing’An). It is about a 10 minutes walk from Lung Hua Station.  You can find directions here.

I had no expectation… so was soo surprised and AMAZED at how intricate the temple shrines were.  After visiting sooooo many beautiful Churches, this temple to me was like a Renaissance temple!  There were so many rooms with absolutely intricate and stunning altars inside.  According to wikipedia, the temple was first build in 242 AD but most of the temple today was reconstructed.

If you have a free Sunday afternoon and you don’t know what to do – go here.  You will love it.  We bought and lit some incense, and gave our thanks and prayers to the Gods.  I think it was my first time seeing Mister praying at a Chinese temple.   It happened that on the day we were there, it was actually the birthday of Quan Nin.  It was really nice to see a lot of people there actually praying and celebrating the Goddess’ birthday, not just tourists.  Here are few of my favourite images and  I hope you enjoy them too …and if you go, let me know how you liked it! :)

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