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Elise is one of the first few persons we met when we arrived in Shanghai.  And in that very first conversation, we covered life, love, heartbreak and the journey of constantly finding ourselves – our ever changing selves actually.

Elise is an entrepreneur, an amazing coach, a super thoughtful friend and also an awesome mom to an adorable girl.  And she’s writing a book on neuroscience – yes neuroscience!  Everytime we get together, I leave feeling inspired.   She is strong and independent with a quiet confidence, and a sense of humility that is so rare and refreshing.  I feel very lucky to have had the random chance to meet her.  Conversations with her run deep, because she is like that – real and full of substance.  No fluff.

Shanghai Photographer for Lifestyle Headshots

She contacted me for portraits that are not too corporate or “passport” like.  Of course, I was all in.  I proposed a life-style headshot session to have business headshots that are in a more modern environment.  Elise is a business coach and currently gives workshop on neuroscience and brain power.  She is currently writing a book on neuroscience. It will be a book about how we can optimise our brainpower to maximise efficiency.  And of course, she will be using some of these photos for her book! :)

Our day turned out to be a very very rainy day – it was raining cats and dogs! So we met up at Mexican restaurant Pistoleria in Xu Jia Hui.  They have a lovely sheltered terrace where you can sit, enjoy your margarita and tacos, and people watch, even in the rain.  Here we took some lifestyle headshots, including some with a delicious dessert!  Turned out the place had a dessert called avocado cheesecake.  I’ve never heard of avocado cheesecake – and it turned out super yummy!  Elise actually did not know about this dessert, and she LOVES avocado :)

This was one of the coolest headshot sessions.  We talked, heart to heart, and I learnt so much… Parenthood, love, life, dealing with changes.  And Elise is a joy to photograph because she is so elegant and sweet!  I mean, how many women can rock a hot pink coat!?  Right!? :)  Here are a few of my favourites.


shanghai portraitsPINIMAGEcheesecakePINIMAGEAh that delicious avocado cheesecake!

shanghai photosPINIMAGEshanghai photogapher lily chenPINIMAGE

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