Shanghai Photographer Anniversary Session | Esther, EJ, Roxie

This was one FUN session!  After 7 years in Shanghai, Esther was leaving.  She wanted a portrait session with her adorable dog, Roxie and as it was also the 1-year anniversary with EJ, we also incorporated a couple’s time  ;)  I’ve never worked with a dog before in a shoot, so it was quite challenging but it turned out great cos this was the sweetest French bulldog you’ll ever meet.

We actually first met EJ in Brussels – his laugh is just loud and CONTAGIOUS.  He will make you laugh and teach you some bull shit game (no really, thats the name of the game!).  He spoke of his girlfriend back then, and little did we know that they had just been dating a couple months when he left for his trip in Europe.  When we met her in Shanghai – it was obvious that they are just meant to be.

EJ and Esther are just simple, kind, good people.  She is gentle with quiet confidence, and they make each other laugh – you will see below in the photos!   EJ made my job so much easier cos he was always making Esther laugh. I love the love story of EJ and Esther.  It is their 1-year anniversary but when you spend some time with them, you feel like they have been together forever.  She met him on her FIRST online date ever after 7 years in Shanghai.  Can you believe that?  And within one week, they knew this was it.   Isn’t life just AMAZING.  I keep saying this, because its truly what i feel – it never ceases to amaze me how life and God brings two people together.  If you spend even one hour with these two, you can just see they were made for each other.  I wish Esther all the best in her new adventure in … NEW YORK!  (WOW!) and all the happiness in the world to the two of you.

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