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Shanghai Family Photography

We had a wonderful Shanghai Family Photography session with this little family.  Natalie contacted me for a family photography session in Shanghai.  She is from Russia, and her husband is from Moldova.  Natalie actually studied Chinese for her University degree, isn’t that amazing.  Their little baby Maya is about 9 months old and this would be their first family session!  It was also a birthday surprise for her husband.  How sweet is that?

We first met in Pudong, at the Starbucks coffee place with the beautiful view of the famous Shanghai Bund… looking out to Puxi side.  Surprisingly, the place was rather empty for a weekend.  I was worried about the hot summer, but we were in luck, the weather cooled down on this day, and there was even a breeze!  From here we then took a taxi to the Century Avenue Park.  They actually come often to walk around in this park, so it was the perfect place to capture a slice of their life in Shanghai.

This little family needed no posing because they are the kind of people who value being present, and celebrating each other everyday, in big and small ways.  Baby Maya is absolutely ADORABLE!  All that baby fat… i just wanted to hug her so tight!  I’m really enjoying family sessions in Shanghai.  Here are a few of my favourites from this wonderful session.

shanghai wedding photographerPINIMAGEseriously how cute is this baby and this family!?
shanghai family photographyPINIMAGE
shanghai family photographerPINIMAGEshanghai pudong century avenue parkPINIMAGE
Are you looking for a portrait photographer to capture your family in Shanghai?  Maybe you are looking for beautiful family portraits.  Or looking to capture a snapshot of your life in Shanghai.  Or you are leaving Shanghai and want a memory of Shanghai before you leave.  Whatever your celebration, I’d love to capture your story.  Email me at lily(@) or get in touch via this form


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