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Alfred contacted me for a SURPRISE family shoot… and i just looooooove surprises!  He had Yantin and the two little ones come to Shanghai Century Avenue Park and asked me to pose as a street vendor trying to sell photos.  He had a little note written to wish her Happy Birthday and that the photographer handing her the note was not random.  She entered the park and  i pretended to be an annoying vendor: would you like some photos!!???  How about a photos session???  She politely rejected and walked to the ticketing area for renting the little cars.  I followed and started pestering her and she was at a loss.  Alfred took my poster and said ” Hey Yantin, this is in Chiense can you help me out here?”

shanghai photographerPINIMAGE

And this is when she finally was reading the little note.shanghai century avenue parkPINIMAGEThe expression on her face as she looked at me thinking,
wait a minute, she does not work for the park….???
You arranged this!!??

shanghai wedding photographerPINIMAGEWhat a joyful surprise!

It was one of the COLDEST days in Shanghai.  But the cold didn’t seem to bother the children – they just RAN!  And laughed and played!!!  I always ask parents to do the photography session around an activity that they often do and love.  This is how they would normally spend a weekend afternoon in the park.  They lived right opposite the park!  It was an honour and joy to capture a slice of their lives.

shanghai parkPINIMAGEshanghai expatsPINIMAGEshanghai century avenue parkPINIMAGEshanghai familyPINIMAGEi love shanghaiPINIMAGE

shanghai familyPINIMAGE

Everyone trying to do the “crab-walk”

shanghai century avenue parkPINIMAGEshanghai century avenue parkPINIMAGEshanghai family photographerPINIMAGEshanghai photographerPINIMAGEshanghai wedding photographerPINIMAGEshanghai prewedding photographerPINIMAGEshanghai family photographerPINIMAGEshanghai familyPINIMAGEshanghai lovePINIMAGEmother and daughterPINIMAGEchina family photographerPINIMAGE
china family photographerPINIMAGEshanghai photographerPINIMAGEshanghai family photographerPINIMAGEchina wedding photographerPINIMAGEthis little munchking did not want any photos taken!
But i think we did okay! don’t you think :)

china photographerPINIMAGEshanghai prewedding photographerPINIMAGEshanghai prewedding photographerPINIMAGEshanghai portrait photographerPINIMAGEshanghai engagementPINIMAGEshanghai century avenue parkPINIMAGE

shanghai century avenue parkPINIMAGE


shanghai family photographerPINIMAGEshanghai family photographerPINIMAGE
shanghai century avenue parkPINIMAGEshanghai expat familyPINIMAGEshanghai familyPINIMAGEshanghai familyPINIMAGE

I just love this series with mother and daughter.  Chen Chen is just absolutely ADORABLE and you can just see and feel how much she ADORES her mom!

shanghai familyPINIMAGEshanghai expat familyPINIMAGE

shanghai mamasPINIMAGEtimeout shanghaiPINIMAGE
shanghai familyPINIMAGEshanghai familyPINIMAGE


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