Wanderlust | Long Ji Rice Terrace, Zhang Jia Jie | Summer Getaway (Part 2)

After several nights in Yang Shuo, T moved us to Guilin and booked the SHANG RI LA!!!! At 600 RMB!!!!I thought, I’m probably never ever gonna book a shangharila, and def not at this rate – so why not!  It was so worth it, because the hotel was so shining new, and being out a whole day in dreadful heat, it felt good to come and retreat to a 6-star.

I remember the day we arrived Guilin, we checked in and I was about 1 pm.  We asked the concierge for direction to Long Ji Terrace and he said: ITs WAY TOO LATE!!! NO  Way you can make it in time!!!

Mister stubbornly ignored him, and got into a taxi and told the taxi driver to TAKE US TO THE BUS STOP!    The driver was a cheerful middle aged woman.  It takes over 2 hours to get there and back!!! and you have to CHANGE Buses!!!! She offered to take us up there AND wait for us for about 500 RMB and it was the best decision.  The ride took FOREVER!!!! And indeed halfway, we had to change buses!!!  Except – there were NO buses going because (1) it was v late (2) it was so hot that there was noone going!!! And the buses moved every SOOOOO SLowly …..  good thing we were in this super comfortable brand new taxi with air condition!!!!

But we arrived, and the view was BREATHTAKING!!!!  The valley really reminded me of Little Foot arriving to THE LAND BEFORE TIME!!!!     We were one of 10 tourists there!!!!! We had the ENTIRE place to ourselves!!! And we were SWEATING NON STOP!!!!!  Even wihtout any hiking and walking… and it was so bad that even MISTER insisted that we do NOT hike up to the view point!! Somebody hates sweating alright! Smile


It was so painstakingly tedious.  We saw one solitary farmer going around, checking the plans and watering…PINIMAGELong Ji Rice TerracePINIMAGE

And of course, we ate fried rice up there.   The rice was sooo SHORT grained.  Almost like japanese rice.
I still prefer indian basmati the best!

From Guilin, we took a domestic flight to Zhang Jia Jie.  The park ticket was valid for 3days – but the experience in the pouring rain was so terrible, we decided to call it a day after one day!  It was raining – non stop – and so slippery.  We had to be so careful walking anywhere.  The good thing was that the view was even MORE mystical because of all the fogs!!! But you had to WAIT for the fogs to clear up a bit.  All cable cars were closed.  And due to the constant rain, we also passed on the Tian National Park in the city centre.  Oh well.

What was really surprising was high up here… there was MC DONALDS and KFC!!!! CRAZY!!!!! IT was actually sad to see that!

And we also took a tour guide – that was totally useless and learnt our lesson – no more tour guides in China.

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