Feyaerts Family

A little peak into the Feyaerts family.  A BIG Thank You to this sweet family for trusting me and sharing your family time with me.  It was so cute and cosy in a little neighbourhood park.  Their love story is also a truly special one, starting from when they were about 5 and picking up again at 15.  How crazy is that?  Imagine a 15 year old guy, writing a love letter, then re-writing it 10 times.  Then keeping it for a WHOLE YEAR before mustering the courage to give it to the girl next door – with whom he hadn’t spoken to in 10 years because of some fight back when they were 5.  It doesn’t get more romantic than this.

140601 - Feyaerts -48-2

140601 - Feyaerts -4140601 - Feyaerts -11
140601 - Feyaerts -23140601 - Feyaerts -21
140601 - Feyaerts -58140601 - Feyaerts -60


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