Bride getting ready in a French Chateau

A beautiful bride.  A romantic dusty pink dress.  Golden shiny wedding details, wedding flowers and stationary.  A charming room full of history and character.  In a charming French Chateau.  A little slice of heaven.  And Tammy was the most elegant bride ever!

Have a moment to yourself after getting ready, even if for a few minutes for beautiful bridal portraits.  Put all the clutter in the getting ready room in one corner, so that the room is still neat, and your images will look clean.  Take a deep breath, and take a moment.  Take it in… your last few moments as a single woman.  And in a few more moments, life will change.  It’s time.

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The Awesome Creative Team

Hair & makeup: Marianne Roza for The Beautiful Bride Company,  instagram @beautifulbridecompany
Pink Wedding Dress: Unielle Couture, instagram @unielle_couture
Accessories (bridal cover-up and veil): SIBO Designs, instagram @sibodesigns
Jewelry: DRKS, instagram @drksonline
Stationery: Leintjes Exclusief, instagram @leintjesexclusief
Styling: RedWhiteBluePink, instagram @redwhitebluepink
Wedding flowers: DON FLORITO, instagram @giada_donflorito_amsterdam
Wedding Shoes: Jimmy Choo 


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